• Anne-Fleur Andrle

TRAVEL - Did I ever tell you I was going to cross NY State on my bike?

Dernière mise à jour : 19 juil. 2019

Today, I would like to talk to you about a project I am involved in with fellow French and American friends, “The Empire State Ride”.

Next August, we will ride our bikes across New York State to raise funds in support of cancer research. To do so, we will leave with other bike lovers on August 15th from New York City and will travel all the way to Niagara Falls over the course of a week – a little over 500 miles (800 km)!

This is definitely the ride of a lifetime and the whole team is very excited to take this challenge while supporting cancer research.

The name of our team, “Les Vieilles Bikes” is a mix of the cultures we love: French and American. Let me explain. “Les Vieilles Biques” is a French expression used to describe older ladies. If you pronounce “bike” with a touch of French, you will notice that it sounds like the French word “biques.” Since we will be riding our bikes to achieve this incredible project, we switched from “Biques” to “Bikes”. Get it? Ha, French jokes, huh?

Anyway, let me introduce you to our duo:

Elodie Saccoccio

Elodie is 31 and lives in the South of France. Her favorite place in the world? Seattle! She knows more about American sports history and stats than most of my American friends.

And who am I?

I am 29! I live in the greater Boston area but am originally from Brittany, a beautiful region on the French Atlantic coast. I write articles every month on French culture for the French Quarter Magazine, and love writing in general. I also am passionate about sailing and scuba diving.

Get a sense of our project by checking out this video.

Thanks so much for your support!